My name is Nomi, and I'd like to be your tour guide. Here at Israel Tour Guide our goal is simple: to provide you with the very best Israel and Holy Land experience possible.
Nomi, I was in Israel only 3 years ago and followed much of the same itinerary that we had for this trip. It would have been all to easy for me to leave feeling that I hadn't experienced much that was new. With you on the bus, that wasn't possible. Your willingness to share not only your "official" knowledge but your personal recollections and perspective, was truly a gift to us all. You, more than any other factor, helped unite a group of many different personalities with your sense of humor and your passion. Thank you for everything... Rachel, NYC

Dearest Nomi, I learned a lot from you, your sense of humor, your way of dealing with people, your beautiful nature - plus you made me feel special. I will try to carry you in my heart for a long time. Please remember me, I will remember you... Vivian, NJ
We are the professional experts in this field and can offer you an amazingly wide range of options to suit your special situation, schedule and interests. Whatever kind of Israel and Holy Land experience you have in mind, together we will create YOUR CUSTOMIZED ITINERARY and tour and YOUR UNFORGETTABLE EXPERIENCE

Why us?

Because WE CATER THE EXPERIENCE TO YOU. After all, YOU'RE OUR GUEST, this is YOUR VISIT, and these are going to be YOUR MEMORIES!